Pokemon NDS ROM

Pokemon White ROM

Pokemon White ROM

Pokemon White ROM
  • ROM: Pokemon White Version
  • Size: 105MB
  • Release Year: 2011
  • Region: USA, Europe
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Console: NDS
  • Playable Devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iphone
  • Emulators: SuperNDS, MelonDS, Citra, RetroArch

Pokemon White Download

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Pokemon White ROM is playable on Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone with NDS emulators. Pokémon White Version is the fifth game in the Pokémon series for Nintendo DS. The game was released on September 18, 2010, in Japan, March 6, 2011 in North America, March 4, 2011, in Europe, and March 10, 2011 in Australia. It is a version of the original Pokémon Black & White games with different Pokémon available to catch. Satoru Iwata announced the games on January 8th, 2010. They are playable on the Nintendo DSi XL consoles.

In addition to the new features introduced in Pokémon Black and White such as seasons and triple battles, Pokémon White introduces several new features. One such feature is the Battle Subway which allows players to battle against various trainers while traveling between cities. Another new feature is the ability to befriend wild Pokémon which can be used in battle or traded with other players.

Pokemon White

Pokémon White is one half of the fifth generation of Pokémon games, with its counterpart being Pokémon Black. Released for the Nintendo DS in 2010 in Japan and 2011 in other parts of the world, it introduced players to the Unova region and a new set of Pokémon.

Pokémon White Features

  • New Pokémon: Pokémon White introduced over 150 brand new Pokémon, with many being exclusive to the version.
  • Seasons: One of the defining features of the fifth generation is the introduction of seasons. Depending on the in-game month, the Unova region experiences Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, affecting gameplay and the availability of certain Pokémon.
  • Triple Battles and Rotation Battles: These new battle formats added depth and strategy to Pokémon battles.
  • Animated Pokémon Sprites: For the first time, Pokémon in battle showcased animations, making the battles more lively.

Pokémon White Walkthrough

Without giving too much away, your journey in Pokémon White begins as a novice Pokémon Trainer in Nuvema Town. As you embark on your adventure, you’ll:

  • Meet and rival two childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca.
  • Battle the nefarious Team Plasma, a group advocating for the liberation of Pokémon.
  • Challenge the Unova region’s eight Gym Leaders for badges.
  • Uncover the secrets of the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram or Zekrom (depending on your version).
  • Face the Pokémon League to become the Champion.

Pokémon White Gameplay

  • Story Progression: Navigate through towns, routes, and dungeons. Engage with NPCs to uncover the deeper story and mysteries of Unova.
  • Battling: Use a team of up to six Pokémon to battle other trainers, wild Pokémon, and bosses.
  • Training and Evolving: Level up your Pokémon, evolve them, and train them with TMs, HMs, and various in-game items.
  • Trading and Battling with Friends: Connect with other players to trade Pokémon or battle them to test your skills.

Pokémon White Pokédex

The Unova Pokédex contains a total of 156 new Pokémon, starting with Victini (#000) and ending with Genesect (#155). It’s the first regional Pokédex to not feature previous generation Pokémon until after the main story. This gave players a brand-new experience, encountering only new Pokémon until they become the Champion.

Pokémon White Cheat Codes

While many players enjoy the game without the use of cheats, emulators often allow for cheat codes. If you’re using an emulator like DeSmuME or NO$GBA, you can find Action Replay or GameShark codes online for various enhancements such as unlimited money, experience boosts, or catching any Pokémon.

In conclusion, Pokémon White remains a standout in the Pokémon series, offering unique features and a refreshing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer or a newcomer, this game promises an adventure worth embarking on. Happy training!

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