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Pokemon Sors ROM

Pokemon Sors ROM

Pokemon Sors ROM
  • ROM: Pokemon Sors
  • Developed by: Vytron
  • Supported Devices: Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone
  • Update of: FireRed
  • Language: English
  • Console: GBA
  • Emulators: ‎Visual Boy Advance, ‎No$GBA, ‎BatGBA
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Pokemon Sors ROM can be downloaded and played on many devices. The popular Pokemon franchise has inspired many fanmade games over the years, and Pokemon Sors is one of the latest. This new game introduces a whole new region to explore, along with new Pokemon to catch and train. While the game is still in development, fans are already eager to get their hands on it.

Pokemon Sors is a fanmade RPG that takes place in the Tandor region. The player begins their journey as a young trainer, just starting out on their adventure. They’ll soon meet new friends and rivals, and encounter many different Pokemon along the way.

The game features a unique combat system that allows players to control their Pokemon directly. This gives players a more active role in battle, and makes for some exciting battles. Overall, Pokemon Sors looks like it will be a great addition to the fanmade Pokemon games scene.

Pokemon Sors Features

Pokemon Sors features several changes from previous Pokemon games.

  • One of the most notable changes is the addition of Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Evolution allows certain Pokemon to evolve into powerful forms that are much stronger than their regular forms.
  • Another change in Pokemon Sors is the addition of Z-Moves. Z-Moves are powerful moves that can only be used once per battle.

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