Pokemon GBA ROM

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald ROM
  • ROM: Pokemon Emerald Version
  • Size: 6MB
  • Release Year: 2005
  • Region:  USA, Europe
  • Genre: Roleplaying
  • Console: GBA
  • Playable Devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone
  • Emulators: Visual Boy Advance, ‎No$GBA, BatGBA, ‎RascalBoy Advance
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Pokemon Emerald ROM is playable on Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac with GBA emulators. Emerald is the third installment of the fourth generation of Pokémon games, following Ruby and Sapphire. It was released in Japan on September 16, 2004 and released in North America on May 1, 2005. The game was available on the Game Boy Advance. Emerald is a remake of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, featuring the same region, Hoenn, and taking place three years after the events of Ruby and Sapphire. It has many new features, including a new story line, additional characters and Pokémon, different locations, and new challenges.

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