Pokemon NDS ROM

Pokemon Diamond ROM

Pokemon Diamond ROM

Pokemon Diamond ROM
  • ROM: Pokemon Diamond Version
  • Size: 26MB
  • Release  Year: 2007
  • Region: USA, Europe
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Console: NDS
  • Playable devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone
  • Emulators: SuperNDS, MelonDS, Citra, RetroArch

Pokemon Diamond Download

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Pokemon Diamond ROM is playable on Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac with NDS emulators. Pokemon Diamond is the fourth installment in the Pokemon RPG series. It was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the DS handheld console.

Pokemon Diamond

Pokémon Diamond, released in 2006 in Japan and in 2007 in North America, is one of the core series Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS. Together with its counterpart, Pokémon Pearl, it represents the fourth generation of the Pokémon video game series. Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Diamond transported players to the fictional Sinnoh region, inspired by Japan’s Hokkaido region.

Pokémon Diamond Features

  • Sinnoh Region: A new region to explore, inspired by Japan’s Hokkaido, packed with new Pokémon species and landscapes.
  • Underground Area: A multiplayer area beneath Sinnoh where players can dig for treasures and set up secret bases.
  • Physical/Special Split: Attacks are now classified as physical or special based on the move itself rather than their type.
  • GTS (Global Trade Station): This feature allows players to trade Pokémon worldwide.
  • Pokétch: A multi-functional watch-like device that offers various apps to assist trainers during their journey.

Pokémon Diamond Walkthrough

A comprehensive Pokémon Diamond walkthrough would span several pages, but a basic outline is:

  • Beginning in Twinleaf Town.
  • Receiving your first Pokémon and Pokédex from Professor Rowan.
  • Travelling through Sinnoh, collecting Gym badges from cities such as Oreburgh, Eterna, Veilstone, and more.
  • Encountering the evil Team Galactic and foiling their plans.
  • Battling the Elite Four and becoming the Pokémon League Champion.

Pokémon Diamond Gameplay

The gameplay remains consistent with previous Pokémon games:

  • Players capture and train Pokémon creatures to battle other trainers.
  • Battling is turn-based, with Pokémon having up to four moves they can use.
  • There are various status conditions, types, and statistics that can affect the outcome of a battle.
  • Outside of battling, players can breed Pokémon, fish, mine in the underground, and participate in contests.

Pokémon Diamond Story

The story centers around the player’s journey to become the Sinnoh Pokémon League Champion while also thwarting the plans of Team Galactic. Team Galactic aims to use the legendary Pokémon Dialga (exclusive to Diamond) to reshape the universe in their vision.

Pokémon Diamond Pokédex

The Sinnoh Pokédex features an initial lineup of 151 Pokémon, though many more can be caught in the game after completing the main storyline. Some Pokémon are exclusive to Diamond and require trading from other versions to complete the Pokédex.

Pokémon Diamond Cheat Codes

While using emulators and cheat codes can enhance or alter your gameplay experience, it’s essential to use them responsibly and understand that they might lead to unexpected game behavior or glitches. Common cheat codes for Pokémon Diamond on emulators might include:

  • Unlimited money or Pokéballs.
  • Instantly catching a Pokémon.
  • Accessing rare or event-only Pokémon.

In conclusion, Pokémon Diamond brought a new world of adventure to its fans, offering unique features and hundreds of Pokémon to catch. Whether you’re revisiting Sinnoh or discovering it for the first time, it promises an unforgettable journey.